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Evolution is a strange beast.

We're alive today because our genetic ancestors fought to survive.
But the vasty majority of those skills are now irrelevant.

In fact, most anything we can identify as disordered or broken in the modern world can be connected to behaviors that explain why our little puddle of genetics is still strapped to this giant mud ball.

"Social disorders" just mean people too wired for specialized skills to mesh well with the current machine.

It's like the hunter/gatherer interpretation of ADD. A successful skill-set gets hardwired for one environment and then the environment changes.

It's part of what makes me nervous about broad spectrum genetic modification.
And, I'm biased as a lefty, but I think it gives me a certain perspective.

On paper, there's no reason we exist.
Accident rates alone select against us, add in centuries of discrimination from yard stick wielding nuns to actual death penalties and we should've been weeded out faster than faggots. But we're still here and it's not just because we're magically good at finding g-spots.

Any truly successful organism keeps it's options open. Darwin never suggested strength, wit, or speed were paramount. He stressed fitness. If the environment changes, you need the potential to react. Lefties are a millennia invested reserve of genetic potential for an alternative to the primary.

I think the various "disorders" we focus on are a healthy mix of these "reserves" and some honest to god veterans of the trenches that are human interaction. Maybe broken, maybe just waiting for the right crisis.

AS I said, it's a strange beast. In many ways, it's one of the more penultimate expressions of the iterative nature of scientific inquiry. Evolution is almost the proof in the pudding of how science really and truly works. No idea, no plan, no technique is paramount.

Iteration, proof, and time.
That is truth.


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