"War is a forge that gives us meaning."

Make your choice.

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This is my primary public post. If you want to be added, just drop me a line here.
I don't post often and only occasionally of substance but I'm always around and glad to find new and interesting reads.


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Hey Man...OOOOOoooh Rah!...

I had to comment (even thought I was late to the game) on anonymous's post...Band of Brothers kinda thing ya know?

Where did I find you?
Well, I'm not sure exactly, probably saw a comment you make in horsepucky or nonunc's journals or something, but I thought you were cool/decent, cute, and I want to check out your poetry and such, so I added you. Then I saw that anonymous post...*grrrr*

Anyway, just sos's you know, I was in the Corp for 8 years (1yr. Delayed entry, 6 yrs. active, 1yr inactive reserve). I was with MCAGCC in 29 Palms, 3rdFSSG in Okinawa (camp Kinser, right next door) and finally with 1bn, 11th Marines at Camp Pendleton in Ca.

Hope your tour of duty goes well and I'll keep checking out your poems...

Re: Hey Man...OOOOOoooh Rah!...

i hear that.

probably from nonunc

damn...you sure got the short stick on duty stations...the stumps and then oki? that bites.

thanks, i'll be sure to keep posting.

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