"War is a forge that gives us meaning."

Make your choice.

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This is my primary public post. If you want to be added, just drop me a line here.
I don't post often and only occasionally of substance but I'm always around and glad to find new and interesting reads.


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so you want input on your poems?

I like #32's implications. the use of the angel is great. Though I'm a little biased about that. and the depiction in #30 of someone in search of something that they aren't even sure exist is honest. You have a good style and I liked reading of your daily encounters with life as a Marine. oh and the muse that insists on giving you good things when you're trying to sleep, will never give up. Most people work best when they're kept on their toes. Don't ignore the muse. You'll miss the best stuff. I liked #31's implications about creation and the instintaneous switch to the mortality of yourself gives it a reverent humble touch. It's cool. oh and the lack of comment on #28 I find interesting. It's amusing to see how people react to the fluffy nice and sweet poems but they are hesitant to say anything about the poems written out of more dangerous and strong emotions. #26 spanned quite a few emotions. what were you pounding? #22 ouch. I hate that feeling of loss and love @ tyhe same time. Why can't we have the cake and eat it too? struggles make us lean. When we lean we find what is steady. what is steady in the rough times is true in the both. and tough decisions can be made on what is steady. Truth. it's 2am. this probably doens't make too much sense. and you don't even know me. lol. I'm angel. LJ angleyes. Nice to meet you.

Re: so you want input on your poems?

nice to meet you. :P

appreciate the commentary. glad to know people actually read them now and then. and i'm impressed...most people don't notice as much of my intent when their readign them. thanks.

I like poetry. And I look for things like that. Can I put you on friend's list?

shore...can't add you back for a few days but will do so then.

okey dokey. sounds good.

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