"War is a forge that gives us meaning."

Make your choice.

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This is my primary public post. If you want to be added, just drop me a line here.
I don't post often and only occasionally of substance but I'm always around and glad to find new and interesting reads.


Is this still your mailing addy?

i'm adding you to my friends list. mostly because i've seen you around commenting in my other friends' journals and you seem interesting. plus it looks like you are a dave sedaris fan...question: how up to date is your amazon wish list?? because 'me talk pretty one day' has been out awhile.

just wondering.

i actually just ran into his stuff a few days ago, an excerpt a friend of mine had saved on his laptop. i loved it, so i hopped on amazon and went looking for books.

I used to be on your friends list long, long, ago, but I took a hiatus from livejournal and unfortunately I have been shut out :(
Your journal is cool and interesting to read, so LET ME BACK INNNNNNNNNN! J/K
Don't decide whether or not to re-add me based off of my journal because I havent updated it since I graduated high school... I'm currently a sophomore in college, so you get it. Right?

i was wondering where you'd disappeared to.

you're added...as long as you'll start using yours again. :P

Haha!.. I llllove that thing with a pup! But what happens everytime a man masturbates??.. Just curious:)
P.S. I happened to be added to ur friends list so I just checked out who was that beautiful stranger... hm, I'm kinda lucky with military guys recently...

lol, i think i read something about ninjas killing kittens everytime a guy did it. :P

Hey, you didn't miss anything. My ex just decided to be a dumbass. It's cool though, I'm a strong chick. how've you been doing?

Re: What's going oN!?

gotcha, not much going on on my end. just getting used to being back stateside.

HAHA ...u don't know me but...

i have something like that
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

by the way my name is hannah...im kts friend


Re: HAHA ...u don't know me but...

hi hannah.

i figure the kittens have it coming,.

Ahahaha I love the comments from your anon buddies. :D

And, obviously, I'm interested in reading you, and would like to be added.

trolls are fun. :D


janeforshort -- this username fits me a bit better. thus, i've moved. sorry for any confusion.

capiche. should i gank the other name?

I've noticed that you removed me from your friends list - would you mind adding me back? I know I don't really update my journal but I've been interesting in keeping up with yours, and do intend on becoming more active myself. Thank you.

Not a problem, I'd just assumed you gone off the rez.

damn. 287 comments? champion! i need one of these entries

I add you for reasons of funny.

Banana split not required.

Awww, I was about to go to the grocery store and everything!

P.S.Added back.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I have no creative comment, you're listed on a couple of my friends' journals, and you seem interesting. Aaand you live in the Bay Area, which is where I grew up and where I'm returning soon. So hi. I'm adding you.

I need more pretty Bay Areaites on my FL.


P.S.You have the same birthday as my mother.

I really hate to join the crowd and comment this particular post but... that picture is amazing.

Thank you, dear.

I haven't taken "real" pictures in a while.

Hello there Connor! This is Myndi (indymay)... I've decided to invite you over to my super secret journal. Why randomly, and out of nowhere? I dunno. Maybe I look forward to your intellegence on my other LJ :) See ya around, busta!

(Deleted comment)
WoW LJ Comm, I believe.

To be honest, it's slipped my mind what had me wander your way but in looking your journal over, I'm glad I did.


Hi, I'm Conor. :D

Saw you over on Eva's journal and thought you looked interesting.


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