"War is a forge that gives us meaning."

Make your choice.

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This is my primary public post. If you want to be added, just drop me a line here.
I don't post often and only occasionally of substance but I'm always around and glad to find new and interesting reads.


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I appreciate being kept on the friends list, if indeed I have, and how do I get a spy code for my mission?

course you're still on.

i think if you just click on the mission brief, it'll take you to the html.

hey its Mel..(beths friend)

add me...

: )


p-p-pleeeeease? *insert pouty smile here*
don't make me beg.


but i love it when the pretty girls beg. :P

I just wanted to tell you, your icon picture is Hot stuff

hahaha, thankya. yours is rather...distracting. ;P

That is FUNNY
Guess I need to start giving the world puppies

a marine flirting and getting sassy with 13 year old girl on the internet?
look at your livejornal. you have a fanclub of teenage girls and you flirt with them. a shame for a adult man and for a marine.

getting sassy?

most of the girls on my list happen to be of age, thank you. and the ones that aren't can take care of themselves.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
HI... I found you through weatherwax who's on my friends list. I like your poem's and would like to add you? May I?

sure, feel free.

Hi there! I ran into your journal while lookin' at someone else's and thought I'd say hi! How are the marines treating you? If you want to add me feel free to! Cute picture by the way!


now that i'm in mirmar they're treating me outstanding. the three years prior were a little less pleasent. :P

add me dammit ur added


hahahah, well, you def get the award for least civil request...but you're added.

i added your ass...uhh don't take that the wrong way.

*snicker*....we've already established that k's okay with that....hahahah

i am adding you because that puppy is cute

ps. girls dont masterbate.

hahaha, THEY DO TOO!

especially if they own detachable showerheads. :P

hey, this is sally's and bethanys friend nicole..the one who called u a douche bag ( or a double douche bag..cant remmeber?!) anyways, add me k?

hahaha, now there's a resounding reason to add someone....:P



I have seen some of your comments on Christina's journals (Asphyxia) and thought I'd check out your journal as well. A friend of mine is in the Navy and is a corpsman for the marines...I recently went to the Marine ball in Las Vegas. You can add me if you like, and if you do, I'll add you back. :)

haha, it wasn't the MAG-16 one was it? cause that was my ball...

Sup man, long time no talky.
Been enjoying the civy life too much, but I've been meaning to drop you a line or two.
What don't remember me? It's ol' Slish.
Talk to you later man.

how've you been?! i was wondering what you were up to out in the civ div. it was funny, sepeda and i were talking about you during lunch today.

(Deleted comment)
nonsense, and besides, i wanna see what those things will dow hen they catch up with teh kitty...:P

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(psst- this is stripedlife. i added you here, too. i use this journal more. :-P)

I've added you.
Love your picture journal. Keep the pictures coming.
Semper Fi.

it's me. alexz
add my new lj name :)

Hehe a Punk in the military

See something new everyday don't cha... I cam across this thing while doing some intrest based search on LJ for the marines :-P. Hopefully if I don't have any really big medical problems, I'll be a future W.M. but I have 3 years to go yet! I looked at your profile page and what knaught, but it seems we have the same music intrest, so blah XD! Hope you have fun wherever the USMC Takes you!

Semper Fi!
Katie J

Ps. You can IM me on AIM @ box of color.

I recently posted a poll concerning my friends list, where I asked everyone if they wanted to remain on it, as I needed to free up some space. I noticed you didn't fill it out, which is okay, I just want to know if you wish to stay on my friends list.



sorry dude, what with RL drama, i've been doing the "skim" trick on my friend's list. really, really sorry man.

wow! i'm not sure if it's pointless to comment seeing your list. but whatever. ya got some interesting poems there. mind if i add you to my list? -T*

you're a cutie!! mind if i add you? :)

Another fickle LJer? Be still my heart...and now I understand why there are so many fucking puppies running around all over! OMG! I had no idea I was causing women were the cause of that! LMAO! And here my Gunny is a Deputy Sheriff for Animal Control! You'd think he would have warned me! It's nice to meet you Sir and I would be adding you to my friends list if you would have me. Please let me know. :)

You're added. Mine's friends only if your interested.

i'll be sure to check it out.


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