"War is a forge that gives us meaning."

Make your choice.

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This is my primary public post. If you want to be added, just drop me a line here.
I don't post often and only occasionally of substance but I'm always around and glad to find new and interesting reads.


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i don't think you're in the military.
you seem to have way too much time on your hands.
i don't feel very protected as an american.
my government pays top dollar to have men serve our country and all you do is write shitty poems and post on little girls journals.

you sick man.

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the fact that you READ and POSTED a comment on his journal and didn't leave a name tells me you are purely voyueristic.
now for some reason THAT stikes me as sick...
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I strongly agree with the last poster- I have pondered this in my head before, but never said anything because I thought I would be out-numbered in my opinions. I do not think you are in the military, I do not think you are in any division of the Marines. My brother is serving as a Marine and I know for a fact that he is way too busy to keep daily entries on an internet journal. Tell me, young sir, how do you have access to a computer? Exactly what kind of "Marine" are you? It scares me to think that I have been sitting at home all this time thinking that my country was protecting me from possible terrorist attacks, and in reality, the most important thing in your life is updating your journal. I am truly dumbfounded. If you are a Marine, get up off your ass, and make a difference in this world!!!

lol, nice.

i am what is affectionately referred to as a "desk bitch". and i manage to work my 14 hour days and still make posts. so go figure.

maybe your brother just doesn't love you enough to keep in touch with you.

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forever if i can help it.

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lol, definitely, they match mine.

Hmmm ... just got a journal and was looking around for people to add, communities to join, and I ran across you ... mind if I add you? You're too cute not to try to get on my friends list.

my dear...flattery will get you everwhere. :P

consider yourself added.

Is that you in the pic..? ;)

hmmm? oh my icon? yeah, you can also check out skeetermeat that's my pic journal. have fun. :P

So it took me forever to get through ur 5o something quotes...how does it feel to have a fan club?

Conor, why did you delete me from your LJ friends list?

in all honesty...i was offended by the post you made about christina.

So like, yea I do follow you everywhere, remember? Damn, can we make some hard core lovin now?

yes my stalker. you've finally worn me down...*humphumphump*

i have msn, yes.


so you want input on your poems?

I like #32's implications. the use of the angel is great. Though I'm a little biased about that. and the depiction in #30 of someone in search of something that they aren't even sure exist is honest. You have a good style and I liked reading of your daily encounters with life as a Marine. oh and the muse that insists on giving you good things when you're trying to sleep, will never give up. Most people work best when they're kept on their toes. Don't ignore the muse. You'll miss the best stuff. I liked #31's implications about creation and the instintaneous switch to the mortality of yourself gives it a reverent humble touch. It's cool. oh and the lack of comment on #28 I find interesting. It's amusing to see how people react to the fluffy nice and sweet poems but they are hesitant to say anything about the poems written out of more dangerous and strong emotions. #26 spanned quite a few emotions. what were you pounding? #22 ouch. I hate that feeling of loss and love @ tyhe same time. Why can't we have the cake and eat it too? struggles make us lean. When we lean we find what is steady. what is steady in the rough times is true in the both. and tough decisions can be made on what is steady. Truth. it's 2am. this probably doens't make too much sense. and you don't even know me. lol. I'm angel. LJ angleyes. Nice to meet you.

Re: so you want input on your poems?

nice to meet you. :P

appreciate the commentary. glad to know people actually read them now and then. and i'm impressed...most people don't notice as much of my intent when their readign them. thanks.

thought you may find this to be useful

Like the black elk in the deep forest of life, you meet the heavy winds with the strong horse. The horse and the wind.. together, dance the rain dance of love. Together they begin to build the circle of life. Grey eagle nod his high head to the heavy wind and strong horse. Together they build a power of a million wolves."

Re: thought you may find this to be useful


(Deleted comment)
not really your business now is it?

i had a Feeling you were a Marine..

..Thats hot...

im going to add you.. you may add me back if you'd like...



lol, silly girl. i added you WEEKS ago! muahahahaha*cough*...*cough*...sorry...the evil laugh just creeps out now and then.,...:P

and what gave you the feeling i was a marine? just curious...

This is a reply to my post but im posting it on your livejournal because i dont want my friends to see it.
Lately ive felt as if my writing has gone unnoticed and all that people comment on have been directed to my appearance.


i myself haven't commented on your writing much just cause...i don't know...i'm usually so floored i don't have decent words to do it justice.

Hey Man...OOOOOoooh Rah!...

I had to comment (even thought I was late to the game) on anonymous's post...Band of Brothers kinda thing ya know?

Where did I find you?
Well, I'm not sure exactly, probably saw a comment you make in horsepucky or nonunc's journals or something, but I thought you were cool/decent, cute, and I want to check out your poetry and such, so I added you. Then I saw that anonymous post...*grrrr*

Anyway, just sos's you know, I was in the Corp for 8 years (1yr. Delayed entry, 6 yrs. active, 1yr inactive reserve). I was with MCAGCC in 29 Palms, 3rdFSSG in Okinawa (camp Kinser, right next door) and finally with 1bn, 11th Marines at Camp Pendleton in Ca.

Hope your tour of duty goes well and I'll keep checking out your poems...

Re: Hey Man...OOOOOoooh Rah!...

i hear that.

probably from nonunc

damn...you sure got the short stick on duty stations...the stumps and then oki? that bites.

thanks, i'll be sure to keep posting.

Hey there!
Its TIFF! AstroGlow760! I changed my journal!

d00d...i wondered where you disappeared to!

Hello Richard introduced me to your lj and I wanted to say hi and add you to my friends list, I hope you don't mind. Btw how did you do your background it is so amazing.

i know, i get lost in it everytime it pops up. you'll have to ask my friend though, i whored myself out to her in exchange for a badass layout.

where did you hear corrosive 8?

corrosive 8 was the name of my band in highschool.

Hey baby ... *wink*
I see you added me - good job! (just playin') I added you back as well; just sayin' HEY! How'd you find my journal?

god bless the random button. :P

When I Was Just a Little Girl...

I once dated a Marine. My dad was a bit upset upon learning this. He told me that I couldn't trust him, that he'd probably corrupt me, and other sundry horrors.

"But, Dad," I interjected, "you're a Marine."

"Exactly!" he roared.

I always thought that exchange was pretty funny.

I'm going to send you some snail mail, just because it's fun to get.

Re: When I Was Just a Little Girl...

score...you get cool points. :P

and i wouldn't trust my future daughter around marine's either. she'd probably corrupt THEM.

If you didn't know I've been away for two weeks so let me know what you've been up to. This will be far easier than me backtracking through 1000's of friends posts.

Thank you.

lol, i wondered why i wasn't getting my usual daily dose of witty banter...

where'd ya go?

i was stateside for about two weeks, my sister got married, and i'm now single. :P

interested? ;)

first off, you're a fucking moron. second you're journal is made up of stupid shit that you would think is cool and interesting to lure you to girls who are also stupid, but kinda attractive to you. third. your name is not conor. fourth. i bet every single fucking person who wants to be added to your retarded friends list, gets on. you're pretty fickle about adding people? and 5th, takes you back to the first, you're still a moron.

one, you can't see 90% of my posts.

two, how would you know what my name is?

Hey, was looking around and came across your journal. Hope you don't mind, I added you as a friend :)


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